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Our Core Technologies

deep learning | supervised learning | generalized linear models | support vector machines | decision trees & random forests | clustering distributed computing | unsupervised learning | Spark & Hadoop | sparse regression | reinforcement learning | map-reduce | and many many more.

Data Analysis

Data is everywhere, and the amount of data increases everyday. We handle everything that comes as numbers and tables: sales reports, monthly revenues, customer feedback form, stock exchange rates, sensor data, etc.


  • Trend prediction and forecasting: will the numbers go up or down in the future?
  • Anomaly detection: identify outliers or radical changes
  • Clustering: find patterns of similar entities in large datasets
  • Data Curation: cleanup data for further processing

Audio Processing

Audio signals can come from TV or radio, conference presentations, or Youtube videos. Most well-known is speech recognition, where the audio signal it transmitted into written text.


  • Text-to-speech / speech-to-text: transmit spoken words into written text
  • Speaker Recognition: identify the current speaker
  • Background Noise Removal: eliminate unintended signals

Image and Video Analysis

Images are everywhere, and interpreting their content automatically can yield interesting insights for business processes. Our technology can help answer questions, such as “How often does our company logo appear on TV?”


  • Face Recognition: identify a person in a picture
  • Sentiment Analysis: is the emotion of an image positive or negative?
  • Object Detection/ labeling: find appearances of company logos in images and videos

We continuously collaborate with research teams from leading Swiss universities.

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